Social Media Services

In speaking with small business owners, we have repeatedly heard the same concern: simply, there are not enough hours in the day. Putting in the hours needed to complete a day`s work, plus necessary administrative time, advertising and marketing tasks, blogging, and social media, requires a lot more than 40 hours a week.

While many small business owners see the need and have the desire to have a strong web and social media presence, there simply is not enough time to learn what is needed to develop that aspect of their business.

HTC Social Media offers real world business and marketing knowledge coupled with advanced blogging and social media knowledge to help your small business create the strong social media presence you desire.

Social Media

  • Business Facebook
  • Business Twitter
  • Business Fan Page
  • Business Blog
  • YouTube Channel
  • Pinterest
  • On-going business or social media marketing consulting
  • Assessment of current website and all related social media accounts
  • Recommendations for a new website, including platform, layout, features and overall design
  • Evaluation of current branding and e-marketing strategies
  • Competitive analysis

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Social Media marketing Guide
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